About swizzin

swizzin is a light, modular package management suite for media oriented servers. Call it a seedbox if you prefer, but there’s absolutely nothing forcing you to use it that way. At its core, swizzin is a representation of the things its namesake stood for: speed and reliability. Designed from the ground up to be modular, there is very little that is required to run a basic installation — the rest is optional!

  • Hate things like spreading glorious open source projects via torrent? Don’t install a torrent client! (I won’t tell)
  • Don’t want to install a web server? See if I care!
  • Just want to install a web server and some ssl certificates? You heathen.

In the middle of it all is box, your new best friend. If you’ve used QuickBox before, you’re probably already familiar with some of the things that box can do for you. However, box isn’t just resting on its laurels — it has learned a few new tricks and is no longer just a package manager. Rather than rehashing out thousands of lines of code in .bashrc, box solves this problem elegantly by using hooks in coded into the installation scripts of your installed apps. box is also now your password management tool. As root, you have the ability to change any user’s password. As a freeloader, you now have the ability to change your own password. Nifty!

Available Packages (1.4.0)

Quick Start

swizzin requires either Debian (Jessie or Stretch) or Ubuntu (16.04 or newer)

Getting started is easy! Simply paste the following command as root and the installer will take care of the rest.


 bash <(wget -O- -q https://raw.githubusercontent.com/liaralabs/swizzin/master/setup.sh)


bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/liaralabs/swizzin/master/setup.sh)


The best way to get in touch and stay up to date with the project is to join us at irc.swizzin.ltd:6697 #swizzin.

Bug reports can either be filed on github or on irc at #swizzin-dev. Please make sure that you give as detailed of logs as possible and as much information about your installation environment as you can.


Feature Requests

First and foremost, swizzin is a solution that has been designed by me, for me.

If you can present a compelling argument as to why a package should be included, I may take the time to write the necessary code. That said, if you are donor or are willing to put a bounty on a feature, your feature requests will certainly carry more weight.

Pull requests for well-coded, thoughtful features or fixes will be considered on a case by case basis. If you are looking to merge a package installer into the repository, please note that I may ask for a demo install to test your commits on before I considering merging your work into the project.

Copyright swizzin 2017 – 2020

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