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A web-based GUI for the rTorrent client.


Most of the documentation for this is included in the rtorrent documentation


You can install additional themes and plugins using the rtx helper script

SSL Certificate

ruTorrent requires a SSL Cerficate for the web browser to cache certain scripts. A self-signed certificate will impact page loading speeds. A free SSL certificate can be installed using letsencrypt. More details can be found here:

Plugin Caching Feature

Users can enable Plugin Caching in the ruTorrent configuration file. When combined with a SSL Cerificate, the expected page loading speeds are 500ms. Even with thousands of torrents, the page should only take 1 second to load. The first page load will take longer.

However, this feature is experimental. It may experience web browser caching issues, when upgrading your ruTorrent version. It will be required to clear your web browser cache after every version upgrade. Please do NOT file bug reports about random error messages.

To enable this feature, edit /srv/rutorrent/conf/config.php with your favourite text editor. This guide will use nano as an example.

  • Step 1: Type nano /srv/rutorrent/conf/config.php
  • Step 2: Set $cachedPluginLoading = true;
  • Step 3: Set the cache expire to 30 days: $pluginJSCacheExpire = 30*60*24;
  • Step 4: Save your changes with ctrl + x to exit then type y and press enter.