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Navidrome is an open source web-based music collection server and streamer. It gives you freedom to listen to your music collection from any browser or mobile device. It's like your personal Spotify!

Initial Setup‚Äč

Installing navidrome is easy. Simply issue the following command:

sudo box install navidrome

This command will configure navidrome for your user.


Upgrading navidrome is as easy. Simply issue the following command:

sudo box upgrade navidrome

How to Access‚Äč

After navidrome has been installed, it will be available for access at https://<>/navidrome.

The port is 4533.

Service Management‚Äč

sudo systemctl start navidrome


In order to get navidrome working, you need to do the following steps:

After installing Navidrome in your platform, you need to create your first user. This will be your admin user, a super user that can manage all aspects of Navidrome, including the ability to manage other users. Just browse to Navidrome’s homepage.

Just fill out the username and password you want to use, confirm the password and click on the ‚ÄúCreate Admin‚ÄĚ button.

That’s it! You should now be able to browse and listen to all your music.

You can find your music folder at /home/<username>/music.

Note: It usually take a couple of minutes for your music to start appearing in Navidrome’s UI. You can check the logs to see what is the scan progress.