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Mango is a CBZ viewer with an integrated MangaDex downloader and plugin support for other services.


You can install mango by issuing the following command:

sudo box install mango

Accessing Mango

You can access Mango using domain.tld/mango if you have nginx installed. Otherwise, it is available on domain.tld:9003

Retrieving files

As the media library for mango is shared, it is located under /opt/mango/library. This directory is accessible to all users of the server.

Service Management

The Mango service is managed by systemd and has been configured as a system application. You can find the service file here:

sudo systemctl start mango

User management

Mango manages its users in a separate database to box. However, box will automatically add, remove and update users and their passwords into Mango when you use the box user commands (such as adduser, deluser, and chpasswd). You can still manage users through thee Mango admin interface, and create mango users that are not managed by box at all.



You can always also try the general troubleshooting tips written in our guide. They might or might not apply, but asking these questions can often make you understand what is under the hood better and help you find what needs to be fixed. It's always worth a shot!

Please refer to the Mango project on Github. Please check the Wiki first, and see if there are any closed issues from the past which might be relevant to your problems. Give Mango a star while you're at it ;)