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autobrr is the modern download automation tool for torrents and usenet. With inspiration and ideas from tools like trackarr, autodl-irssi and flexget we built one tool that can do it all, and then some.


  • Torrents and usenet support
  • Support for 70+ torrent trackers with IRC announces
  • Newznab, Torznab and RSS support to easily get access to hundreds of torrent and usenet indexers
  • Torrent Magnet support
  • Powerful but simple filtering with RegEx support (like in autodl-irssi)
  • Easy to use and mobile friendly web UI (with dark mode!) to manage everything
  • Built on Go and React making autobrr lightweight and perfect for supporting multiple platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, macOS) on different architectures (e.g. x86, ARM)
  • Great container support (Docker, k8s/Kubernetes)
  • Database engine supporting both PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • Notifications (Discord, Telegram, Notifiarr, Pushover)
  • One autobrr instance can communicate with multiple clients (torrent, usenet and *arr) on remote servers
  • Base path / Subfolder (and subdomain) support for convenient reverse-proxy support

Available download clients and actions

  • qBittorrent (with built-in re-announce, categories, rules, max active downloads, etc.)
  • Deluge v1+ and v2+
  • rTorrent
  • Transmission
  • Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, Whisparr and Readarr (pushes releases directly to them and gets in the early swarm, instead of getting them via RSS when it's already over)
  • SABnzbd (usenet)
  • Watch folder
  • Exec custom scripts
  • Webhook

Initial Setup

Installing autobrr is easy. Simply issue the following command:

sudo box install autobrr

This command will configure autobrr for your user.


Upgrading autobrr is as easy. Simply issue the following command:

sudo box upgrade autobrr

How to Access

After autobrr has been installed, it will be available for access at https://<>/autobrr.

The port is randomized at setup, so if you don't use nginx, or just need to find the port, check in /home/user/.config/autobrr/config.toml.

Service Management

Multi-user is enabled, so in order to manipulate the service, you'll also need to specify a username.

sudo systemctl start autobrr@<username>


In order to get autobrr working, you need to do the following steps:

  • Setup indexers
    • Go to Settings/Indexers and add indexers
  • Setup irc
    • Go to Settings/Irc and add networks and channels.
  • Setup download clients
    • Go to Settings/Clients and add your download clients.
  • Add filters
    • They work similar to autodl-irssi filters.

Advanced Configuration

Connecting to a Remote qBittorrent (Swizzin) Instance

Go to Settings/Clients and add your download client, then enter the following:

port: 0 (field will disappear)
tls: true
username: user
password: pass
Basic auth: true
user: basic user (same as user)
pass: basic pass (same as pass)