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API support for your favorite torrent trackers.

Initial Setup

Installing Jackett is easy. Simply issue the following command from SSH:

sudo box install jackett

This command will configure jackett for your user.

How to Access

After installation, you can access the web client at https://<>/jackett/. When prompted for an admin password, simply enter your slot password. This double authentication layer is necessary because your jackett port has been exposed externally -- if you disabled the password authentication, your configuration and tracker information would be publicly accessible.

Service Management

Despite using the multi-user format, jackett multi-user is not enabled by default.

The service for jackett resides at:

sudo systemctl start jackett@<username>


To add a new tracker to Jackett, click the Add Indexer button near the top of the page. There should be some instructions to help you get Jackett set up with the tracker you've specified.

Since every tracker is different in how they accept connections through their API, you should refer to your tracker if you need specific help in setting up an Indexer.


Please do not touch the following settings:

  • Admin password (you can change, but do not remove)
  • Base URL
  • Server Port
  • External access (leave enabled)

Connect to other clients

In order to connect Jackett with other trackers, you need to connect directly to the port. You must bypass the webserver because it has authentication headers which are not supported when accessing Jackett from other clients. If you need help in constructing your URL for a tracker, please refer to the example below.


The default Jackett port is 9117

Now, click Copy Torznab Feed. The link you'll receive will look something like this:


We need to edit this link to remove https , remove the reverse proxy, and add the port number. Thus, if your port number was 9117, your edited URL would look like this: