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Webmin is a web-based user interface for administration of various parts of a Linux system.

How to Install

sudo box install webmin

The setup will install the apt repository of Webmin, and pull the latest package for your distribution from there.

How to Access

If nginx is currently installed, Webmin is available on the address below. https://<hostname.tld>/webmin

If nginx is not installed, you can find webmin at https://<hostname.tld>:10000

Webmin will authenticate any user who has administrative sudo permissions on the system using its own mechanism. Therefore you should be able to use your master credentials.

This means that in case you have nginx installed, you will first be asked for the Nginx authentication through the browser UI and then to webmin through the Webmin page. This is a deliberate choice for your own security. If you are already authenticated to the Panel, you will only see the Webmin authentication.

Service Management

Please note that Webmin is not managed by systemd, and therefore the standard commands do not work.

Please see this article for a how-to.

This means that that panel will incorrectly report the service's status, and the control items will have no effect on it. See issue on dashboard repo here