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jfa-go is a user management app for Jellyfin (and now Emby) that provides invite-based account creation as well as other features that make one's instance much easier to manage.


You can install jfa-go using the following command.

sudo box install jfago

After installation, you will need to create an Admin user for jfa-go to use within Jellyfin.

Required Setup

Please make sure to edit the config file located at /root/.config/jfa-go/config.ini after installation.

You will need to set the username and password variables to your newly created Jellyfin user.

server and public_server should be set to the URL of your Jellyfin server, for example https://domain.tld/jellyfin.

first_run should be set to false

url_base must be /jfa-go if you are using nginx, or / if you are not.

Service Management

The systemd script for jfa-go can be found at

sudo systemctl start jfago


You can access jfa-go through https://domain.tld/jfa-go if you have nginx installed, or through https://domain.tld:8056 if you do not.