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Functions to streamline our flow


We are keeping a lot of reusable code in the .vscode/*.code-snippets files.

These give you auto-completions within VSCode and its derivatives, and have pre-defined fields which you can tab-through in order to skip to the next ones.

There should be snippets available for all of the functions declared in


Work in progress!

We don't have this chapter written out fully yet. You can find out what most of these do and how they work in the file in the main repo

Please make sure to read the structure documentation in case you intend to make some changes to these files, or introduce some new ones.

Available from

Please check more on this out in the chapter on

swizdb functions

These functions provide a solution to storing arbitrary information organised by keys peristently on the system. This is achieved with simple files, and not any db software.

The keys can contain slashes in order to define further structure to the database, in a smilar fashion Windows uses registry keys. Therefore, abc/def will create a directory called abc and store the key def in it. You can then retrieve that value under the key abc/def.

Available functions are:

  • swizdb set $key $value
    • Stores the content of $value under the $key
  • swizdb get $key
    • Returns the content of $key
    • Returns exit code 1 in case the key is not present
  • swizdb path $key
    • Returns the full system path of the file which stores the content of $key
    • Returns exit code 1 in case the key is not present
  • swizdb clear $key
    • Removes the key and clears its stored value from the filesystem
    • Returns exit code 1 in case the key is not present
  • swizdb list [$key]
    • Returns a list of present and set full keys
    • Can filter results based on a key "directory".

os functions

Documented in the file itself

user functions

Documented in the file itself

Echo functions

Documented in

Apt functions

Documented in

Functions that need to be sourced


This file contains various functionality which is difficult to separate or justify an entire file for. It is not included in by default.

Functions can be moved out of this file and split into their own if it makes sense, but that's a really loose definition and is usually discussed at PR-level. Obviously, if that happens, corrective action needs to be done wherever the functions were used, and the scripts that use it should vaguely be re-tested.

Python functions for pyenv and venv

Documented inline

These functions handle the installation of the required python versions and creating virtual environments for applications. Please refer to the existing use of these functions in source code.


Documented thoroughly inline

This file contains small tests which will often attempt to guess at best testing values unless supplied (e.g. ports, or baseurls). Please read the inline documentation thoroughly.