Reverse Proxy Setup - $25

Plex speeds got you down? Can’t seem to find the perfect server to meet your needs? Perhaps this little trick will reduce buffering and increase the streaming throughput of your server.

Entirely based on the work of toomuchio, this service offers a simple installation and configuration of the required configs. This trick can be applied easily on servers with swizzin (nginx) already installed, but can be applied to just about any server, even if it’s already running Apache2 (such as QuickBox).

If you fancy yourself tech savvy enough to apply this on your own, feel free! There’s no tricks up my sleeve, just treats!

The install steps for QuickBox are already written and freely available in the swizzin wiki.

The install steps for swizzin are slightly different, but are not yet written up at this time. However, there isn’t need to muck with running Apache in tandem with nginx, so things will generally be easier.

This service is largely an option for those who don’t have time to learn how to do the steps required, or simply want to donate to the project, but want to receive a little something in return.

A domain under your control is required.

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