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The Lounge

The Lounge is an web-based IRC client which runs in the background.


You can simply run the following command to install The Lounge

sudo box install lounge


You can manually trigger a lounge upgrade by running box upgrade lounge

Accessing The Lounge#

You can access The Lounge on the following addresses

  • With nginx: https://hostname.tld/irc
  • Without nginx: https://hostname.tld:9000

User management#

Users from box are accessible under The Lounge. Changing passwords and removing users through box will push those changes into The Lounge.

Service management#

You can control The Lounge using the systemctl service file.

sudo systemctl start lounge


A new system user is created for The Lounge. The configuration file is stored in this users directory, therefore /opt/lounge/.thelounge/config.js

The Lounge also offers a CLI utility. You can access the help file by issuing the following commands:

sudo su loungethelounge --help