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Librespeed is a very lightweight Speedtest implemented in Javascript, using XMLHttpRequest and Web Workers. No Flash, No Java, No Websocket, No Bullshit.

Initial Setup#

Installing Librespeed is easy. Simply issue the following command from SSH:

sudo box install librespeed

This command will configure Librespeed.

How to Access#

Once setup, Librespeed will be available at the link https://<>/librespeed

Configuration & Usage#

Out of the box, librespeed comes with everything you need. Just navigate to the page and press Start



You can always also try the general troubleshooting tips written in our guide. They might or might not apply, but asking these questions can often make you understand what is under the hood better and help you find what needs to be fixed. It's always worth a shot!

Please refer to the Librespeed project on Github.