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Airsonic is a web-based audio player.

It is a maintained forked of Subsonic, with the paid components modified to be free.

Adding more users' media to Airsonic#

Airsonic runs as the user airsonic. This means, that this user needs to be able to read (and execute directories leading all the way up to) whatever you would like airsonic to play.

During the installation, only the master user is present in this group.

In order to access non-master-user files cleanly, please add the airsonic user to the group of users who can access the desired user's files, and ensure that this group has access to the media you would like to access.

usermod -a -G <aUser> airsonicchmod g+rx -R /home/<aUser>

Migrating from Subsonic#

The below command set are the adjusted instructions for the swizzin environment, originally adapted from here. They have not been thoroughly tested, please report in the Discord if you've had any issues.

sudo cp -a /srv/subsonic /var/airsonicsudo mv /var/airsonic/subsonic_sh.log /var/airsonic/airsonic_sh.logsudo mv /var/airsonic/subsonic.log /var/airsonic/airsonic.logsudo mv /var/airsonic/ /var/airsonic/airsonic.propertiessudo mv /var/airsonic/db/subsonic.backup /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.backupsudo mv /var/airsonic/db/ /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.datasudo mv /var/airsonic/db/subsonic.lck /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.lcksudo mv /var/airsonic/db/subsonic.log /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.logsudo mv /var/airsonic/db/ /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.propertiessudo mv /var/airsonic/db/subsonic.script /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.script